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Universal Travel Adapter

nbx1 is an All-in-1 Travel Partner with electrical plug perfect for European US, EU, UK, AU 150+ Countries. nbx1 can adapt your plugs no matter you go to Europe countries or Asia China, it can charge your smartphone, tablet and wearable devices in these countries. 
nbx1 also provides a pluggable Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your things to keep an eye on them. 
This travel adapter is designed with multi-function, every inch of space as the use of storage purposes. nbx1 is a powerful, functional and portable personal device, thus you could put into small pockets and handbag with you every day.

The nbx1 All-in-1 Travel Adapter cover 1 QC3.0 USB port, 1 AC Socket, 1 GPS tracker, 2 SD card slot, 5 Micro SD card storage (Max), 6 Nano sim card / 3 Micro sim card storage(Max), 1 USB Type C cable and 1 Micro-USB adapter. You don't need to take multiple charger, cable and memory card on vacation or daily work! nbx1 is all you need.

Pluggable Bluetooth Tracker

The nbx1 all-in-1 travel partner is a combination of a travel adapter, memory card storage and Bluetooth tracker. Users can switch the charger type from the US to HK within steps and change adapter from Type C to Android in a second. 

The nbx1 designed a separate pluggable Bluetooth tracker that helps the user track & locate the things when they misplace. A beautiful and smart designed user interface gathers all the various integrations and devices under one unified look. The design goal was to provide a clean and simple look that offering as many features as possible.

Bring nbx1 along with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can charge power, save memory and track your belongings anytime, anywhere.

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